Fairdale Pizza & Pub

Fairdale Pizza & Pub

Fairdale is a friendly community that is located within Louisville, the biggest city in all of Kentucky. It's home to a number of dining establishments that serve all different kinds of foods. Examples of the many foods that are served in eateries in this area include seafood, pizza and pit-smoked barbecue. There is never any shortage of things to eat while exploring this cheerful Louisville neighborhood. Our first stop is the Fairdale Pizza & Pub!

This pub is a popular pizza restaurant that has a central location in the community on West Manslick Road. It's close to a handful of prominent local businesses. These various local businesses include Elzy Insulation Co Inc., Jarvis Heating & Air Conditioning Co., 3-N Inc Basement Walls and Main Liquor. It is also right next to the the library branch for the community.

The atmosphere at this warm pub is laid-back, friendly and inviting. People who dine at this establishment tend to wear relaxed and casual apparel. Although people can opt to dine in at this pub, carryout service is also offered to all customers.

Although the word "pizza" is in the restaurant's name, the menu is not at all restricted to just hearty Italian pies. People often flock to this beloved pub to nosh on other types of favorites such as sub sandwiches, wings and salads. The menu even has an extensive selection of classic pasta delights as well.

Fairdale Pizza & Pub is known for its incredible pies. The restaurant's pizzas are available in small, large and even extra-large sizes. There are many exciting options in pizzas available on the menu at Fairdale Pizza & Pub. People who love meat can opt for the meat lovers pizza. This pie is chock-full of hamburger, pepperoni, sausage, Italian sausage, salami and ham. People who love barbecue chicken can opt for the barbecue chicken pizza. This pie is topped with everything from mozzarella cheese to diced chicken. Other pizza options include low carb, vegetarian, plain cheese, Hawaiian, buffalo chicken and chicken ranch.

Other standout meals that are available on the menu at this pub include chicken tender toasted sub sandwiches, homemade meatballs, hot cheesy bread, barbecue bacon cheeseburgers, homemade lasagna, spaghetti with meatballs, fried pickles and hot wings. The restaurant has a designated menu for children that includes both individual pizzas and spaghetti.

If you're in the mood to enjoy a little something sweet in the Louisville area, a visit to this easygoing pub may be a wise choice for you. The eatery serves scrumptious and filling brownies that are a big hit with locals.

The beverage menu, last but not least, includes sweet tea, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew and more. People can also ask for water with ice.

This eatery has a welcoming, relaxing and cozy vibe. The restaurant's exterior is made of traditional brick. The interior of the restaurant is soothing, what with its rather dark lighting. The service that's offered at this establishment is always extremely courteous and attentive. Diners at this spot can always enjoy detailed and helpful attention no matter what. The waitstaff always prioritizes high-quality customer service here.

Live entertainment is available at this establishment. If you're a fan of the energy of live music, you may want to visit this popular Louisville spot. Local bands regularly grace the stages of this beloved hangout. If you are interested in great food, friendly service and amazing music, this eatery may just be right up your alley. If you want to know more about this community and its many exciting dining opportunities, take a look at the website Fairdale.com. You'll be able to learn a lot about the neighborhood there.