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Fairdale Demographics

Fairdale, Kentucky, was first named Mann's Lick in 1873 and then Newtown in 1894. In 1910, the area was called Fairdale by its residents. It maintained its independent status until 2003 when it was incorporated into the city of Lousiville, Kentucky. Fairdale is now officially a neighborhood of that larger city.

Fairdale boasts a population of 7,658 with 2,948 households. With just over 3,000 housing units, Fairdale is a well-settled community. Its residents are about 97% white and have an average income of $35,218. Almost 76% of its homes are owned. This may be due to the average home price of $115,000. Local rents run about $875 per month.

With 2,154 families in its borders, 36% of Fairdale's households have children and almost 50% of the households are married couples. The average size of a household is 2.6 people. Sixty percent of its population can be found in between the ages of 1 and 44.

Fairdale, Kentucky, is the quintessential, small American town. It has a few restaurants, a few schools, and a variety of small businesses. Many of the local companies are dedicated to the home improvement industry. A visit to the website of the local library reveals that residents of Fairdale value their community and use their local library as a way to both preserve local culture as well as a way to gain new information about the world around them.

Corvette enthusiasts will love this small community and its Kentuckiana Corvette Club. Established in 1960, this club is dedicated to car shows, parades, and other events in the region.

Those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are two options available. Fairdale Mini Park provides a small, half-acre property with two walking trails and picnic shelters. A larger park can be found at Nelson Hornbeck Park. This 18 acre park offers a ball field, basketball courts, a playground, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and public restrooms.

The pleasant and peaceful atmosphere of Fairdale will make you feel right at home with its quiet country roads and small-town American ambiance.