About Fairdale

About Fairdale

Fairdale is the name of a community located in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is the biggest city in the entire southeastern state. Fairdale is part of Jefferson County. It's in the southern portion of the highly populous county. Fairdale used to be classified as a census-designated place. According to year 2000 census information, the community had a population of 7,500 plus individuals. Fairdale is currently considered to be a Louisville neighborhood. Its size is 5.73 square miles, and it's composed fully of land.

Although there's no doubt that Louisville is a lively metropolis, it's not hard for people to find quiet comfort there, largely thanks to Fairdale. There are a handful of beautiful and soothing parks located in the area. One example is Nelson Hornbeck Park on Fairdale Road. The park spans 18 acres and is ideal for people who adore swimming, tennis and basketball. It even features a playground for young children to enjoy.

Fairdale Mini Park is another excellent park in the community. This smallish park is great for people who want to soak up nature and go for nice brisk walks. It has a gazebo that's perfect for rest and people watching as well.

Golf is yet another activity that's available to people in Fairdale. Fans of the game frequently visit South Park Country Club on S. Park Road. The club is known for its great golf and welcoming staff members.

This Louisville neighborhood has a lot of exciting dining options. People who want to experience delectable dining can visit a number of reputable eateries in the area. Home style barbecue, for example, is easy to find in Fairdale. Some of the other types of foods that are easy to find in restaurants in Fairdale include pizza, fresh seafood and hamburgers. People who are looking for quick dining choices in Fairdale don't have to fret, either. Classic and quick fast food is indeed available in the cheerful Louisville community.